Cocky or not?

So, this dude added me to a masschat on skype today to promote his new release. I think that is uncharming so i told him directly on the masschat: “if you add me to one of these masschats again, ill delete you”.

seconds later he write me on a private channel “no worries, ill delete you first”. then he deleted me and unfriended me on face.

not that I care, but was this cocky of me to say to him or Am I the only one who hate stupid selfpromotion stunts like this? start the discussion…..

and btw, im craving alot these days.. today i found alot of cool old school stuff from Ibrahim Alfa.. for the ones who doesnt know his shit.. check him out..  – one of the tracks on this ep is trippy and awesome.. not for everyone tho


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3 Comments on “Cocky or not?

  1. If you write about it, means you care. Self-promoters are the least price you pay for spinning some tunes on a regular basis, so I don’t think there is a need to get stressed about it. The guy MUST be your fan, if he included you in the mass-chat bro, so be careful

  2. I´m not sure about the fan thing.
    There are many people that will add any “famous”
    Dj to spread their music. Of course you´re right nothing to get
    stressed out but still something to discuss :)

  3. yes.. that was my point.. i really dont get stressed, this guy just dont know me and he added everyone on his list to one masschat and spammed his new beatport release. I just think this is not the right way to promote yourself if you really have the ambition to make your music heard.

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