Stolen recordbag

Sooo, some sad news…

i was supposed to play the most epic official afterhour at this crazy crazy streetfestival in Copenhagen called Distortion. timespot was 9 am.. the sun was up and it was just all set to be the best afterhour in long long time.

i came early to attend the festivals final day.. had to carry this record bag full of music. It was heavy on my shoulders so when we were standing in a que for some pancakes with Nutella i put it on the ground for like 4 seconds.. 2 seconds in my own thoughts and the record bag got stolen…. i was running around like insane at the big festival area.. in complete dark lookin dor this bag. nothin found.

I had no insurance and ive reported it to the festival and police with no luck. Ive lost all my most priceless and irreplaceable records and tons of new underground music.. plus my new headphones.. this was my first time gettin something like this stolen.. so its a weird feeling.

ive always joked about the day i get my recordbag stolen i will go digital.. but fuck that.. i will try be as positive and get back stronger… yesterday i graduated from university and will finally get some time to work hard on music…. hello LIFE!!! :D

and btw.. seriouslt check out this festival its unique in the world.



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2 Comments on “Stolen recordbag

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. It is one of the worst feelings ever. Stay positive and the good thing is, you will know the records , the label and the colour of the sleeves! So it shouldn’t be too hard to find them again.

    Good luck!

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