Souvenir Plus #22 Five Of Them EP Out Now


Following on from highly regarded releases on DeepControl Records, F4T Music and Lokee Musik, Virginian-born producer Adam Longman Parker aka Afriqua makes his debut on Souvenir with ‘INSERT EP TITLE.’

His entire musical life has been shaped by an exceptional interest in music, through his obsession with his parents collection of Michael Jackson records as a young child, to his piano lessons at the age of 5, and then his progression to his first set of turntables at the prodigious age of 10.

It was not until he graduated and moved to London to continue his study at the Royal Academy of Music that he discovered the house and techno he’s dedicated to today. His approach is stylish and sparse; teeming with mood and groove, crackling and expansive – an approach and technique which surely goes some way to asserting his rightful position amongst the top producers working in electronic music right now.

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