4 Questions with Mr.G


I first met you almost 20 years ago when you were part of The Advent, How did your music evolve now that you produce as Mr G ?
I learnt my art and got deeper into what I wanted to do and found my own sound…..

I also saw you play live with only a MPC2000, how do you like the sound of that machine and what made you decide not to use more stuff on stage?
Mmm, I’m ole skool if everyone does it then I don’t want to, I think limiting your self makes you work harder, is ultimately more fun………..but dangerous…..haha.

You don’t do a lot of remixes but we had the chance to have one from you on this release. What was your impression the first time you heard the original track?
I do a lot of mixes you just have to hunt for them, many different sounds and style too, with this one I loved the feel and groove of the original, although it was tough to take it to another place, but I got there……..

You live and work outside London, does it help your inspiration behind outside the craziness of the city?
Pose so, I love the calm, as the music is the madness, still go to london every week though so no pipe and slipper just yet.

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