5 Questions with Jules & Moss


Hi Jules & Moss, hope you’re doing well. Trying to classify your new song “My Brain Says Two” is incredibly difficult – the single’s title track leads off the release with a deep kick and some cosmic chords. Is there any reason you chose this song in particular to kick the EP off?
The title of the track resumes well the whole EP. We’ve worked on a style a little bit hybrid, mixing difference influences, for this release. Also, this track means a lot of emotions for us, and so a good start for the EP.

‘Borse’ is contemplative and deeper fare than the first track. The beat runs on, hypnotising the crowd.. (tell us a little bit more about..)
This is the kind of production that we like to do. Involving emotions, hypnotizing lines any remaining dancefloor. On this one, we’ve chosen not to have a too simple loop, so we’ve tried to cross influences.

‘Joke Poesie’ is more ‘tech-house’ oriented, throbbing with a deep bass pulse and confusing vocal samples. Are Jules& Moss the kind of artists who like chaotic and confusing music?
Actually, we have dancefloor direction but we want atypical and original music that mixes different inspirations, while dancing. It is also why we have a great pleasure to work with SOUVENIR which has this identity we’re looking for with artists who drain this kind of philosophy.

‘Poupie Flak’ rolls on a steady disco bassline, where gorgeous chords emerge like an oncoming dawn. How did you manage that? What is your studio set-up?
We wanted to produce something deep, intense once again mixing different styles of music. We use for this as much as possible recordings we do by our own hands : acoustic instruments, vocals, electronic machines, … but also some vst or samples to complete our production.

The EP ends on a strong note with ‘The Chichonnade’ which fits perfectly to a dance-floor. Is this kind of solid deep house beat coming back to the French sound?
We don’t think about the question to compose a french sound or not. But yes, actually we appreciate a lot this kind of deep house.
Anyway, hope you enjoy it to !! :)

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