Souvenir Music Podcast #10 by Tiefschwarz


We are kicking off the podcast in 2013 by our leader brothers Tiefschwarz. Be aware of all the releases we are coming up this year..!

1. Francys / Solitude (Souvenir Plus)
2. Sonodab / Less Is More (Souvenir Plus)
3. David K / Sneakers & Playground (NAU)
4. Re.You / Lonely (Souvenir)
5. Fischer & Kleber / Euphorium (Souvenir Plus)
6. Tiefschwarz feat Jaw / Hurricane 2012 Rework (Souvenir)
7. Kenny Leaven / Rocket (NAU)
8. Marco Freivogel feat .Elif Bicer / 11 am (Before) (Souvenir)
9. Chris Wood & Meat / Cock Robin (Souvenir)
10. Strangers in Heaven & Jonny Cruz / Set me free (Souvenir)
11. Tiefschwarz feat Argenis Brito / No Message (David K Allegro remix) (Souvenir)
12. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite / If I´m alive (NAU)


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