Bulgaria’s Got Talent

Yes, we are a pretty small country and yet we’ve got something to show to the world :) In this feature I’ll be presenting to you young (and not so young) talented Bulgarian DJs and producers, who deserve to be in the spotlight, because.. well, because they really are so bloody talented… as simple as that!



Born in 1993 (I know! Crazy, indeed!) Nick has basically been brought up with electronic music. No, his dad wasn’t a DJ, but managed some of Sofia’s finest house music clubs, so as you can imagine, the little genius kind of picked it up from there.

In case the name still doesn’t ring a bell, I’ll tell you he’s the one responsible for the 2010 summer hit “So Much”. Yep, he was only 17 when together with Kalin Todorov (under the project name Surrealism) released this jaw-dropping tune on Liebe Detail. And now he’s back on the label with his new tune “Come Down”. Pretty impressive for a teenager, huh? Check him out ;)





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