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Rio’s underground circuit is buzzing in 2012 and if you haven’t visited South America before then you probably didn’t realize it has an exciting electronic music scene.
Europe normally has top pick when it comes to underground Artists and events. But Rio and many other cities in South America/Brazil such as Sao Paulo really have allot to offer the clued up music buff.

Rio is situated on the wonderful south east coast of Brazil and has weekly electronic music events.  Bringing in fresh talent from over seas together with homegrown talent to play intimate venues. Famous for its breath taking beaches Ipanema and Copacabana and its rich musical history of Samba and Bossanova. Rio’s electronic music scene has taken a backseat over the last 15 years. With only a small following in comparison to Rio’s own creation Baile Funk . With the huge growth of commercial dance music in America it was natural that things would follow here in Brazil. But what makes things interesting in Rio right now is House music is on the increase. A new generation is coming into the scene. And the more experienced music people are creating a handful of cool carefully organized parties around the city. For this reason Rio’s underground circuit is fresh and exciting and well worth experiencing.
We selected a few parties well worth a mention.

Tropical Beats are a label and DJ agency running some great parties in the south Zone of Rio. One which has been a favourite over the summer months is called Noon. This is a bi weekly daytime party. Great for after beach seasons and held in an amazing venue called 00 which has outdoor decking and is surrounded by Rio’s green Tropical mountains. It starts just after 4pm and goes until 10pm. It brings in the young new generation of clubbers, the trendy, rich and well informed music crowd. Always booking great talent from abroad and their own Brazilian DJs. This is a House music party. Mainly playing deep house. Over the last few months we had the pleasure of listening to Subb-an, Daniel Borz and Miguel Campbell just to name a few. The vibes are always great at this party because of the great atmosphere and exciting sets.
A second party they hold is called Blend. This is main night party and caters to a similiar crowd. Held in different venues each time which never disapoint. Over the last year we have seen play Jamie Jones, Art Department and Deniz Kurtel. Lots to come from this party and we are looking forward to the next one. Lastly we wanted to mention Tasty another party from this group. ( We went to their first edition this month and it was great fun. Seth Troxler was headlining and played the majority of the night and played one of the best sets we have heard this year. The next edition will be on September 21st. We are looking forward to see who they will bring to play for the next one!
Here are their websites

Maurício Lopes @ Noon, Rio de JaneiroMauricio Lopes @ Noon, Rio de Janeiro.

Molotov21 are also running their own record label in Rio and have a popular website giving advise on Art, fashion and cool events happening in Rio. They run a weekly Sunday morning after hours called Do Hauze. Where you will find the true underground music lovers. Playing anything from Deep house to Techno it caters for the more serious music crowd bringing in all ages. Running from 2am till around 9am and held in a great dark venue for those epic after hour antics!

Here is their website

La Folie is a Carioca party. When we say Carioca we mean Rio in Body and Soul! Their aim is to bring different people together with different music styles. They always create a great atmosphere with themes and lighting. They don’t take themselves too seriously at these events which is refreshing. The crowds they bring in are more mature and they use new venues each time from old buildings to Photography studios which brings an element of excitement. This group are very commited to creating something unique.
Here is their website

La Folie @ Studio Line, Rio de Janeiro

Gromma @ La Folie, Rio de Janeiro

To say Rio is up and coming is an understatement. You can be a beach bum and party to great music in a beautiful location. Dont miss out…..


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  2. RIO UNDEGROUND? I prefer TIME OUT – NO NO NO! Only messing, thanks for the links – Interesting. Keep on the case.

    An email for any House/Dance Music Party’s in Río would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Dj. Gringo-A-Go-Go.

    ps. Any time the next few months.

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