September, do you remember?

And, how it’s going people? I’m freezing already, I heard it will be the most cold winter in like 283719874 years. Nice!

Adios dirty roof tops, hello underground again.

The leaves of Autumn here:

Pluie/Noir Podcast 036.  in collaboration with Mr.Diogomann

“Les Mystères Dionysiaques”


Sound by Diogo Lacerda
Visuals by Juli Jah

It’s a second time I made the artworks for Pluie Noir, so no interview and text stuff coming with this podcast.

In anyway, here’s another small interview I did for the PBSP last week. Only online at the moment, printed will come in issue#9. When the next print issue #9 will be out, nobody knows yet.

1. Give us an introduction to Juli Jah!

Hi, I’m Juliana, originally from a little country called Lithuania. I was born and raised in Vilnius. I live in Germany at the moment and I do a lot of things, but mainly I draw illustrations.

2. Tell us a little bit about how you got introduced to drawing and how it evolved into the work you do now.

I´ve been into drawing since I can remember, still learning, still enjoying, still drawing. I studied interior architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. That was not that much fun for me, so I started all that mess with watercolors and mechanical birds around. I’m still defining myself, my own style, own way how to express myself in fine arts. I could call myself more of a commercial artist, don’t even know if I should call myself an artist at all. That’s my work, which is a true joy.

3. Your work is detailed yet explosive, a well executed blend that is visually very consuming. What fuels your creative process and what would you like people to take away from viewing your work?

The biggest inspiration for me is music. My beloved one is also a musician, sometimes when I listen to his new piece, the only thing I want to do is to take a pencil and start a new drawing. I love music, it takes me far away, it makes me happy and sometimes sad. It makes me creative, it inspires me. What people are taking out of this is not really my business, I only hate indifference. Indifference is hard for everybody I guess.artwork by Juli Jah

4. What is the story behind Brutal Murder Chicks?

Here it comes to the times when I was a big fan of British Murder Boys. That’s all story about Brutal Murder Chicks. It’s weird, people are asking about those girls all the time. I guess they are some kind of special. Those drawings were sold after a few weeks I created them. Sad, would like to have them at home now. Maybe my answer to this question would be also more interesting.

artwork by Juli Jah5. You live in Berlin. Can you tell us why you made Berlin home, how you are liking it and what inspires you in this city.

I have loved Berlin since I visited this city for the first time. All that crazy mix of cultures, industrial buildings, totally random strangers on the streets. It’s inspiring and exciting.

6. What is your opinion on the position artists have in society now?

There are more and more creative people around, I also meet a lot of “I’m so art” people. Art is good, creativity is better, inspiration is the best. Position? Not the easiest I guess, but the most interesting for sure.

7. How do you see artists funding themselves in this age of (unpaid) online content sharing?

All is good. Sharing, talking, discussing, trying to create your own stuff. Sometimes I feel how I’m influenced by illustrators I like and I follow. I don’t like it, it’s better be inspired by some nice sounds, you can’t copy music, right?

8. Tell us a life-wisdom you would like to share.

I think I already said this way for one interview, I guess I still didn’t change my mind. Do not try to be adorable for everybody, because being adorable for everybody is just wrong.artwork by Juli Jah9. What are the 5 crucial items you take with you when the house burns down?

Puff, I guess would be nice to save my drawings, my macbook (as my hd is full of many projects I made) and also I would grab a cat…if finally can force my boyfriend to have one.

10. Favorite spot on this earth (or others earths?)?


I guess it’s all I wanted to share with you guys. Writing at Disco-very for more than one year already, but still no love letters and stuff. Why so serious?



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