“Not My House EP” coming soon

After their releases on ‘Cécille Numbers’, ‘Below’ and many more the hype around the Jacuzzi boys was at its peak but follow up releases failed to materialise. This wasn’t due to a lack of motivation or ideas as the boys had retreated to their headquarters Number, 87, to devise their masterplan.

Here it is, the fruits of their labour, the long awaited “87 Records” debut from the Jacuzzi Boys ”Not My House”.

For their debut EP the Boys have enlisted top notch support with the title song of the 4-track EP a collaboration with ‘San Proper’.

This Amsterdam based Columbian exile, known for his hits on ’Perlon’ and ’Rush Hour’, gives the “87” debut release the uncompromising treatment his live performances are famous for.

“Existence” features ‘SeDé’ who are Sebastian Werle and David Nikolas from Mannheim.

Keep your ears and eyes open, for there is much more to come from these two young, promising producers.

“The Green” is a co-production with Nils Weimann, housemate of the Jacuzzi Boys and “87” resident in the full sense of the word.

Both these tracks form the basis of the fusion track “Green Existence”.

On San Proper’s “34-45-78 mix” he once again shows us how it`s done.

Finally it´s out “Not My House”- 87 Records, the 1.

OUT 20.06.2012

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