New Jacuzzi Boys “87 Records” Label launched

Spinning tunes and partying all night long, the years soon went by.

Mixers were mixed, tracks were cut, records released and new friends were made. This was all centered around number 87 the Jacuzzi Boys HQ. With the friends they made and their creative influences the outcome was 87 records, a group of like minded freaks all hailing from Offenbach am Main.

They now step forward to have their say on house music.

87 Records – Out of love for the music.


87. is a house number. 87. Nothing more, nothing less.

87. is Music for you. 87. Claps & vibes.

87. Synths & samples. 87. Breaks & styles.

87. Melodies & rhythms. 87. Blood & sweat.

87. Kicks & snares. 87 to the power of 87. That goes too far!

87. Jens, Ben, Florian & Marc. 87. Day & night.

87 got the stuff for clubs & parties. 87. Perfection has its price.

87 ways to define the groove. 87 ways to lose your head.

87. It´s all about black plastic. 87 beats in 43 seconds.

87. Out of love for detail.

more info soon…

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