Booking Essentials: Emilia Tolvanen (Harry Klein Booking)

As you might have heard, our family became bigger, so we are more than happy to welcome dear Emilia Tolvanen as our new team memeber, representing our agency in Berlin and joining us in our mission for more love and sweat soaked shirts on the dancefloor!

And well, we told you so. Here it is: Episode one of our instantly notorious booker interview series. And as number one we’ve managed to secure (all right, force) Emilia from your’s truly Harry.


Please introduce yourself!

I am Emi (Emilia), born in Finland and raised all over the world.

Your agency in 10 numbers (cups of coffee, emails per day, head count roster, aspirins per day, etc…)

10 Cups of coffee
1000 Emails
56 Telephone calls
23 Cigarettes
2 Nervous break downs
1500 Facebook event invitations
4 Chocolate bars
3 Emails from my mother asking me what am I doing with my life
60 What’s app messages
5 Satisfied costumers

5 deadly promoter sins?

01. Promising something they can not deliver.
02. Sending 50 emails saying what could have been said in one.
03. Going MIA.
04. Trying to short change a artist on the night.
05. Treating the artist like a pet in a dog show (show & tell).

Are women better bookers?

Since 90% of the promoters are men, a cold call from a woman seems to have a higher success rate

Does going out feel like work now?

Yes & No. If I’ve worked to make the night happen then it does but I still love to get out and shake my money maker !

What is your favorite battery operated device and why?

I have a few. But the one that goes with me everywhere is my phone. Its the essential tool of the trade. Definitely a love/hate relantionship

What kind of music is playing in your office? If not, why not?

Depends on the day and how rough my weekend was. Monday definitely something mellow and it kind of builds up to Friday when its back to electronic beats.

Kitchen table or fancy loft: what does your office look like?

Neither really. One advantage of my job is that my office can also be my bed. As long as there is electricity, internet, and coffee then I am good to go.

Are there any insights (into humanity, yourself, the universe) you had through your job?

Creative types miss flights. People are strange when you are a stranger. There are never enough drink tickets.

If you could choose freely: Where would you build your own club and who would be your opening act?

I would build it a airport on a tropical Island so everyone can fly in and fly out. Includes build in jet engine sound effects. As for the opening act, it would of course be a Harry Klein Showcase with David Bowie and Grace Jones doing backing vocals.


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