O là là: Hello & Harry Klein Booking n° 1: Paris!

‘Die Deutsch-Französische Freundschaft’ / ‘L’amitié franco-allemande’: yesterday afternoon Monsieur President Hollande just stopped by in Berlin to shake hands with chancellor Merkel to introduce a new stage of the relationship between these two countries. And while future has to show whether Angela and François will become close friends we know that our friendship with the Hello Crew from Paris will last!

What could be a better opportunity to underline this amity as by sending over a small delegation from our roster, packed with tons of records: Dario Zenker & Franco Cinelli will kill some bottles of Champagne with host and Hello-Papa Pepperpot, sadly dear Avatism won’t make it due to illness (where are already checking for a compensatory date), but we are happy that his compatriot Fabrizio Maurizi could manage to represent Italy for this occasion and join the guys!

So voilà, tonight, Wednesday 16th of May, Rex is burning in love with:
Dario Zenker, Fabrizio Maurizi, Franco Cinelli, Pepperpot!

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