If an artist gets signed to both Kerri Chandler’s label and Fatboy Slim’s you know something is going on. Introducing Kashii, a smoking hot new name on the occasionally monotonous underground circuit. After already having a release out on Southern Fried Records, next up we have this spot on 4 track EP on MadTech Records  [house legend Kerri Chandler's latest gift to the world]. MadTech has a pretty slick operation going on, with their previous release from Citizen Deep End EP gaining support from heavyweight underground insiders. Just 22 years old, Kashii’s exploration of the genres bass music, tech house, house and garage.

Rome starts off with a very old school tech-house vibe, percussive snappy elements and sexy vocal slices, a couple of seriously catchy monster drops. Undoubtedly the edgy kids of London will be twitching out to this number. Make this has got a much more 90s vibe, stripped back at first and then dropping down into some looping chords and disjointed vocal hits. Then rising star South London Ordnance steps into remix Rome, giving it a more muscular minimal bass feel, he puts an entirely new twist on the track. Lakosa’s remix (another young hot talent scouted by MadTech) puts another dance floor twist on the original, very trendy.

Overall a release that has staying power, it sounds current and classic at the same time, a sure fire winner for MadTech.

Released yesterday, Highly Recommended. Bang. Tidy.

Give Citizen a go too:



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