Enjoy the Silence

I had a weekend off and i really can´t remember the last time i had a weekend with no Party at all. Usually if i´m free i will go to a Club anyway to see or hear friends playing or just for a Dance. Anyway this weekend i managed to stay away from any Party.

I went to the Robert Johnson Theorie with Roman Flügel on Friday so maybe it´s not possible to spend a weekend without any Club feeling.

But i left before the Party started and went straight home.

The weather was nice on Sunday so i decided to go back to my roots.

I visited two places that i used to see with my grandma when i was a child.

Königsbrunnnen and Jacobiweiher. It was really nice and quite (apart from some airplanes). So if you are in Frankfurt and want to enjoy a relaxed sunday or have a walk check out these places. Check out the pictures i did below !!

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