DISCO-VERY PODCAST 003 – Einzelkind

What is your profession besides DJing?
Producing music. Running Labels: Pressure Traxx and La Peña.
Hosting this great site :)

Where are you looking for new music?
In the recordshop www.freebase-records.com
www.discogs.com and i got a lot of music from my friends.

Name 3 favourite DJ’s:
Ricardo, Zip, Randy Fox

Name one classic you actually just play:
Domina (Maurizio Remix)

Which producer would u like to work with in the studio?
Robin Scholz and Frost. We´re working in the studio right now and it´s a kinda magic…

Which producer would you like to spend the night with?

Something about you that most people don’t know?
I love Bowling !

Last text message you received?
On the ground !

What would you like to be when you´re grown up?
Still happy !

Best club quote while DJing:
Der After is ja da aber wo ist der Burner !?

Best environment to listen to the mix you recorded for DISCO-VERY:
Enviroment with a good soundsystem and no neighbours.

If you had to leave Frankfurt today where would you go?
Castrop Rauxel

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