DISCO-VERY PODCAST 002 – Manuel Schatz

In the Mix with our DISCO-VERY Artist Manuel Schatz from Hard Work Soft Drink

Here a short Q&A with him:

What is your profession besides DJing?

Working at freebase-records in Frankfurt

Where are you looking for new music?

For upcoming vinyl releases I just look through the pre-order lists from our distribution partners, which is very important to know when the stuff will be released – as information for the customers. Most of the time on discogs.com, discovering new / old music.

Name 3 favourite DJ’s:

That’s quite difficult…. Usual suspects like the Arpiar Gang, Zip etc.

Name one classic you actually just play:

Kenny Hawkes – Ashleys War

Which producer would u like to work with in the studio?

Hubert Daviz

Something about you that most people don’t know?

I don’t like listening to music, after i´m finished with working at the store.
I don’t like music at home, I need to be surrounded by normal noise.

 Last text message you received?

“wär dick!”

What would you like to be when you´re grown up?

Still a Hard Work Soft Drink Member

Best club quote while DJing:

“Sau dick!”

Best environment to listen to the mix you recorded for DISCO-VERY:

It is your decision – feel free to enjoy when- or wherever you would like to.

If you had to leave Frankfurt today where would you go?


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