New Moon Harbour Radio Show with guest Blind Minded, hosted by Dan Drastic

In the 30th issue of the Moon Harbour Radio show our host Dan Drastic meets Blind Minded aka Giorgio Cadamuro. The Italian DJ and producer is the newest addition to Moon Harbour’s Booking roster and already released tracks on the label, like “Bekeke” in collaboration with the Italoboyz and “No Drums At All” on the Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.4 compilation.

In a Q and A Giorgio talks about the time when he lived in Sydney and started to produce electronic music. He also gives us an insight about what made him move to London and about the label Superfiction, the new imprint of his friends Italoboyz. And – of course – he pleases us with an exclusive DJ set. Enjoy!

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The Last Magpie – Hypno – Losing Suki
Moritz Ochsenbauer – Phone Circuit (Dan Drastic Remix) – Trapez Ltd.
Italoboyz – Digger Bick (Luna City Express Remix) – Superfiction Recordings
Italoboyz – Digger Bick (Video Edit) – Superfiction Recordings
Blind Minded – No Drums At All – Moon Harbour Recordings

Blind Minded DJ Mix
Bok Bok & Tom_Trago – Night Voyage Tool Kit (Ma Bonus Beat) – Nv001
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Night Forest (Kuniyuki Oriental Dub)
Blind Minded – Underground Life
Edward & Oskar Offermann – I Said Maybe
Mr G – Got Ma Groove On
Blind Minded vs Italoboyz – 909 Drummer – Unreleased
Blind Minded vs Italoboyz – Unknown – Unreleased
Dub People – Natural Mystic Ghetto Beat – Speshall Editishon
Blind Minded vs Italoboyz – Unknown – Unreleased
Blind Minded vs Italoboyz – Caprizant – Superfiction Recordings
Phil Weeks – Dance Girl
Andres – Skate This Way – La Vida 002
Blind Minded – Ride Along With Me – Unreleased
Blind Minded vs Italoboyz – Inizio E Fine – Unreleased
Blind Minded – Night Drops – Unreleased
Tuff Sscout – Love All Version
Blind Minded – The Achronic

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