Recap: Club to Club Festival 2015

Long time reflecting, long time pondering – how can we find the proper completion to such a beautiful festival year 2015? Whats the right cover for the already filled pot? The cherry on the ice cream? The golden crown?

XLR8R gave us the answers in the almost hopeless search for a festival that on the one hand does not take place on a far continent and on the other hand is not only characterized by the simple raving, but for an overall concept. The decision was made in favour of the Club to Club Festival Turin.

The best of Italy’s festivals – if you believe our friends from XLR8R – was already in its 15th edition. Taking place from 4 to 8 November 2015 in the northern Italian city. But celebrating its 15th birthday without us – not possible! So we jumped into five lush days in the sleepy little town not far from the big Alps, and have collected 5 reasons why the #C2C15 Festival is actually worth a damn trip.



# 1 Locations

What at the beginning already led to slight uneasiness, turned out in the end as a joyful and unique festival: The Club to Club 2015 already took place as in previous years in various locations in the urban and architecturally valuable environment of Turin. On the first night Apparat with orchestra provoked tears at the Conservatorio – one of the major musical institutions of Europe. A night later Floating Points played in the historic Teatro Carignano, the theatre of the royal family. These classically inspired gigs had not only found their perfect stages, but presented a wonderful starting point for the following shows, which were driven by a faster beat. So we visited the huge halls of the old Fiat factories in the south industrial city zone after the Floating Points input. In the Yellow Room Sophie & QT gave us a first impression on what we would experience the next few days in the mighty buildings of Lingotto. It’s gettin’ bigger!



IMG_2786 Kopie.jpg

IMG_2790 Kopie.jpg

# 2 Italy

Already on our flight over the snowcapped mountains of the Alps, it was pretty clear to us: this city has to be beautiful. Besides brightly illuminated monumental buildings and greenery in the valley of the river Po, we realized the proximity to the Piemont mountains on the western edge of the city. The historic downtown area is not only perfect example of a baroque city -at 20 degrees in November it was even possible to relax dignified with a coffee on the waterfront – Italian style. A sunset combined with a overall city view on top of the Santa Maria del Monte is our early night highlight before the food and wine traditions of the region help us to strengthen for the coming. Italy lifestyle at it’s best!







# 3 The Line Up

As beautiful as the city and the northern Italian region may be – the music was the main reason for our journey from Berlin over Paris to Turin. So there was a line-up, which can’t be discovered like that at many festivals in the world; not only dominated by massive acts, but skillfully armed with genres of classical, electronic music and pop. The first two evenings started hilariously but not less spectacular with Apparat and Floating Points in two locations, which could make the heart of every architecture enthusiast beat faster. Already the second evening showed where the musical journey will go the following days. After Floating Points had been celebrated with jubilation, Sophie and QT already started their show in the old Fiat factory – the Lingotto. Mumdance + Novalist who were performing afterwards seemed to be the first indication of a very future-oriented program, whilst combining cleverly pop-culture and beat-driven electronic music.

Friday turned out to be our personal highlight: beside Thom Yorke’s show “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes“, the evening was mainly characterized by strong live performances. Four Tet, the Syrian Export Omar Souleyman and a show of our favorite Norwegian Todd Terje colored the evening. Jamie XX delivered with “Good Times” and other songs from his debut album a really good time, before Gang of Ducks proved once more the direction in which the Italian underground moves musically in that particularly rough way. Saturday started musically exactly at the point where we got out Friday: rough sketches but clear lines of Andy Stott. Oneohetrix Point Never made a wide curve around the musical mainstream; Jack Garratt caused a poppy, but incredibly well-executed one-man show. Hero of the evening was – without a doubt – of course – Nicolas Jaar, who once again proved with a two-hour set why he wears for years the musical crown.



# 4 Audiences

In the 1.5 million-city of Turin there is a pleasantly fresh breeze, as several friends told us before our trip in November. Unlike our really hospitable Ruggero, it seemed to be difficult for some Italians to allow the contact to the outside. Somewhat irritated I picked my way through the evenings and luckily had to find out that it was only a primarily distance. That the #C2C15 in a European comparison is significantly underrated, was confirmed in the fact that there were not many international guests at the site. Is there somebody who could explain me that -  I do not understand. Quite different it occurred to be at the AC Hotel, which was housing the majority of the artist and press crowd. Apart from everyday lectures, technical discussions and screenings you could have a cool drink at the absolute symposium and chat with all those who were here for the same reason as we did: the music.

# 5 Surrounding

Certainly not the last but a underestimated reason to give the Club to Club Festival a chance in the future, is the fresh-cheerful atmosphere at the time of the Contemporary Art Week. Nearly three million guests from all around the world swarm into the cultural capital in November to not only discover the next Club Club but also Artissima, Paratissima and all the special art and design exhibitions. You see, Turin has much more to offer in addition to the C2C. Enough reasons for us to return next year to be part of the spectacle again. Arrividerci.

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