“Bar25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit” Soundtrack

Coinciding with the cinema premier of “Bar25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit” (Bar25 – Days Out of Time), the Bar25 label is releasing the official soundtrack. Together with its closest musician friends, the label began work over a year ago on exclusive tracks that would be included in the final cut.

The result is a remarkable compilation of works from a number of music genres – a unique collection of musical contributions by steadfast companions of the exceptional place that was Bar25.

The sampler is divided into two worlds – the dancefloor and the Zirkus – each representative of the distinct atmosphere these two core places emanated during the Bar25′s existence. The dancefloor was the club’s central point – this is where time seemed to melt into itself and more than a few DJs played the longest sets of their lives. The Zirkus was its counterpart – a place for everybody who wanted to retreat into a dream world. It hosted bands, cabaret, theater and cinema, and on special occasions, legendary confetti battles.

Faithful to this subdivision, the compilation “Bar25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit” comprises two CDs that reflect the moods found there. CD1 “Dancefloor” contains 11 club tracks on a spectrum ranging from exclusive, unreleased songs to the dance hymns of the Bar25′s last season. CD2 “Zirkus” is a dazzling roundup of special songs, some by artists who usually make very different music. Taking turns in musical styles, 15 songs give an auditory sampling of what made the Bar25 Zirkus’s artistic mix.

Like the film, this compilation a tiny testament for eternity to the late, great Bar25 – something definitely worth having on the shelf for reliving the feelings experienced there when it existed from time to time.

Supporting the release’s distribution is noted techno label Word and Sound. Together with the producer Arden Film, everybody is joining forces to promote the Bar25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit project. The whole team has been working on the realization of this ultimate farewell gift  to itself and its friends, and now it’s ready. Available in Berlin stores starting May 3, 2012!

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