Ableton is so 2007

Re: Sound Bottle

You want to be a music producer? One out of four people you meet in Berlin these days (leaving designer, dj and artist out this time)? Well, it has never been so easy. And this time you can actually go out of the basement, see some daylight and meet some real people!


Hello crazy, mischievous Juli Jah

Based in Nürnberg, but originally coming from Lithuania (go east from Denmark and down from Finnland), Juli Jah is one very talented & fresh artist. Working primarily with pencil, ink, rotrings and watercolours, she surrounded some lucky ones with her creative or rather truly different drawings from outer space. And well, I am one of those lucky bastards, having her Scissorwings on Ingmar T-Shirts and Jumpers (here and here boys, here girls, here jumpers).


JAM with Chrome

Just a few days back, google launched an interactive web-app to play virtual instruments with your mates. This experiment gives you a broad selection of instruments to choose from (19 to be exact) and allows up to four friends (including you) to play together real-time using the Chrome browser. So whatever you fancy, guitar, drum machine, keyboard or synth, give it a try – this online band experience is actually loads of fun. Check out the promo video bellow: