It’s a south east thing

Southeast Europe: this beautiful piece of land, rich in culture, full of warm and hospitable people, and lots of hot chics. Sounds believable? Sure thing! How about that – Southeast Europe: one of the most amazing party places in the world! Erm, probably not so believable for some. Well, face it! If still in doubt, this is where I step in, or to be more accurate, dance in :)

This is a series of to-happen music events you will get introduced to. Not your regular clubnight kinda thing. No, no, no.. Rather, something different and special, mostly because it’s happening here, in the south east of Europe.


Bulgaria’s Got Talent

Yes, we are a pretty small country and yet we’ve got something to show to the world :) In this feature I’ll be presenting to you young (and not so young) talented Bulgarian DJs and producers, who deserve to be in the spotlight, because.. well, because they really are so bloody talented… as simple as that!