Terson EP out now on playhouse!

A new extremely talented young musician is rising on the PLAYHOUSE 2012 horizon. He is from Frankfurt Germany and his name is JULIEN BRACHT. At the moment he very succesfully makes his way with his impressive Live Show through the best Clubs of Europe incl. Ibiza, Berlin, Frankfurt etc.

The main and exciting difference between his tracks being played live and the studio recorded versions Is his variety of Live Drum Set Up he always adds to his tracks whenever he appears live. Heʼs been into drumming and live percussion since his childhood and uses this ability of performing In an extremely fresh and puristic deep & uncommon way.
All 3 tracks on this EP have been the backbone of his Live show over the past 8 months and have been Played and approved by a number of few known DJs already who had been able to put their hands on these so far unreleased masterpieces. This shit is HOT!!!!!!
PLAYHOUSE 2012 is very proud to present his outstanding debut EP release this spring.