“Sessionyo EP” by Cédric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg – 87 Records

The HardWorkSoftDrink guys Cédric Dekowski and Felix Reifenberg got together with their old friend Marius Rademacher, aka Macher and created some serious sounds, which really speak for themselves.
These rookies from Mainz offer a peek into their musical world with their strong three track EP on 87.
The experimental bass bomb “Sessionyo” speaks to all sound-o-files as well as the very different but clubby “Tesai”, which has proven it´s popularity and effectiveness on many a dancefloor.
The b-side is dedicated to the rolling epic that is “Sofaga”, with a combination of crisp, crunchy beats with beautiful, psychedelic harmonies.

Out 09.01.2013


“Not My House EP” coming soon

After their releases on ‘Cécille Numbers’, ‘Below’ and many more the hype around the Jacuzzi boys was at its peak but follow up releases failed to materialise. This wasn’t due to a lack of motivation or ideas as the boys had retreated to their headquarters Number, 87, to devise their masterplan.

Here it is, the fruits of their labour, the long awaited “87 Records” debut from the Jacuzzi Boys ”Not My House”.


New Jacuzzi Boys “87 Records” Label launched

Spinning tunes and partying all night long, the years soon went by.

Mixers were mixed, tracks were cut, records released and new friends were made. This was all centered around number 87 the Jacuzzi Boys HQ. With the friends they made and their creative influences the outcome was 87 records, a group of like minded freaks all hailing from Offenbach am Main.