Electro – The real definition


In the free flowing world of the internet, where unthinkable amounts of video and data are uploaded each day to the delight and debate of computer savvy observers, the coverage of electronic music has highlighted our ability to conjure up and define emerging trends with startling quickness and attention to detail, as nit pickers emerge covering ever sort of electronic music distinction.


A glance at ‘New MySpace’

Internet critics were pleasantly amused at the purchase of MySpace by brothers Chris and Tim Vanderhook in 2012, with most of the attention being focused on the paltry $35 million that exchanged hands – quite a loss for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp who purchased the company for $580m.

While News Corp did little to expand the format and smooth out some of the unappealing features, the new kids on the scene, Facebook, were rapidly making moves towards the summit of the social networking business, cementing its position in 2008 as part of a max exodus from the dated MySpace for more user-friendly options.


Fresh wind in the sails – The Chicago House Revival

With the overall enlargement of dance music in recent years the underground scene, in aiming to differentiate itself from commercially-inclined recent upstarts, has witnessed a renewed exploration in its roots. Among the nebulous space of the internet there are signs that a new body of creative artists are using the webs of information and modern advanced production programs to tastefully mine and update the original beats that allowed for electronic music’s current eminent status. It’s little surprise then for the electronic music industry to find itself in the midst of a return to the sounds of the original Chicago scene that first nurtured its development.

Dance floors and keyboards


The Rave

Berlin has long been regarded a world leader when it comes to clubbing. Clubs like Berghain, Watergate and Weekend are renowned for hosting cutting-edge acts providing a hotbed for emerging artists, many of whom have grown to globe fame. It’s a city that ravers of all kinds flock to, and in order to explore the diversity we went to witness the other side, unsure of what we might find. We visited Templehof this weekend to take in the surprising sights: neon costumed ravers of all ages waving glow sticks and sponsored hats dancing to Trance, Electro-House and Electro-Pop in a huge, shining hangar! Don’t believe us? Check out the pics below:



Marketing the M-nus brand: an overview

Through a carefully coordinated brand promotion, Richie Hawtin’s M-nus label has attained a level of worship envied by most in electronic music circles. As well as being buoyed by Hawtin’s long, esteemed career as a performing DJ, mostly under the alias Plastikman, M-nus has forged its own unique brand under Hawtin’s stewardship, to become one of the eminent labels/collectives operating in the EDM industry today.