album Offenbach release 13.06.2012

Releasing steadily since 2007 on labels like Raum, Oslo and Cocoon, Christian Burkhardt is no amateur. He now offers Offenbach, his first solo album (after his work Revolver LP with Einzelkind). Christian blends all the best of Funk, Hip-Hop and House with his very own Oslo style.
‘Come On’ is a chilled piece with dub-y chords and a funk feel. House energy percussion, hip hop vibes and an active bassline propel ‘Delight’. A throwback to the golden days when House and Hip- Hop weren’t that different.
‘Jackson’ holds a heavy kick and lets the bass groove fade in before a crafty break causes us to question our position then drops back onto the dancefloor with rhythm and bass. The vocal cuts provide the perfect ambient backdrop for the track, completing the full picture of ‘Jackson’. ‘Jondal’ moves in with a similar groove to ‘Jackson’. Stepping up and falling down, the jazz inspired bassline carries the groove.
The title track ‘Offenbach’ reveals classic House percussion with the kick edging in with bass in tow. A dirty bassline attracting the groove and radiating the dancefloor vibes like there was no tomorrow. Piano keys cut in as the bass fade, revealing a classy, moody side of Christian.
‘Pianissimo’ and ‘Used To Do It’ take a darker, deeper path. Heavy kicks and deep ambience pour out and provide solid additions to the record.
All in all, Christian offers variety in Offenbach, melting together many styles to create something new in his own flavor.