Glance is back on Footjob

Thorsten Scheu, also known as Glance and Co-founder of Running Back Records is back with some housy tunes on Footjob, a young House label run by Phonk D from Darmstadt. Watch out for Footjobs number three – a “threesome-job” EP for the floors produced by Glance, Phonk D and Sascha Ciminiera…



12 House Tracks selected by Jeremy Underground Paris

CS521688-01A-BIGThe french imprint My Love Is Underground is well known for deep, raw, pumping and 1990ies influenced House music. Label boss Jeremy Underground Paris, a passionate DJ and fanatic record digger, recently selected a reat Compilation with 12 “rare, forgotten and unknown house gems” as triple vinyl edition. Worldwide release is on March 17th.

01. Aaron Arce – Pressure
02. Bipo – Why? (Extended Vocal)
03. University Of Love feat. MBG – Vostok 3 (MBG Deep Trip)
04. DJ Trax – Deep Modern Jazz
05. Natureboy – Euro-Disney Pt. 1&2
06. Dose Of Paradise – Latin Dream
07. Project Democracy feat. China – Is This Dream For Real? (Psychedub)
08. Level 3 – Around The Way
09. Caucasian Boy – In From Behind (Boom Boom Ina Bedroom)
19. Manhattan Project – Saturday Luv
11. Vissal – Get Up On Your Feet
12. The Poets – Emotion


The Healing Company 04 by Tom Simmert & Philipp Triebel

Tom Simmert und Philipp Triebel, two young guns from Offenbach and Berlin, released their first EP on The Healing Company: Deep, melodic, always powerful and with slight hints of melancholy, this record has its own distinctive note. Admire those Piano-Hooks in “Ergo”, a fantastically placed break in “Foolproof” and the dreamy synthies in “Told You So”. Comes as red vinyl, weighing 180 grams!