Chymera’s album ‘Death By Misadventure’ to be released June 1st, 2012

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Jimpster: “This LP sounds like a breath of fresh air”
Laurent Garnier: “This is pure Chymera beautifulness. Love the album – Superb work”
Orlando Voorn: “You went off in the unknown deepseadwelling here…blew me away man!!”
Mark Archer (Altern 8):”I was surprised how ‘big’ this whole lp sounds, the sheer depth of each track is immense.”
Fabrice Lig: “Its a real magic journey into sounds and emotions”
Joel Mull: “Really love it”
Maya Jane Coles: “Lovely stuff”
Funk D’Void: “Stunning piece of work in it’s entirety.”
Rainer Trüby: “without words….loving the whole album, a very special outing…”
Makossa: “great deep album”
Len Faki: “a deep work at all!”
Âme / Kristian: “nice”
Jori Hulkkonen: “awesome & full support, radio & clubwise”
The Revenge: “Lovely”
Butch: “great album!”
Steve Rachmad: “Touches me in the deepest of my heart.”
Mano le Tough: “The album is a masterpiece.”
Nick Warren: “Strange Things Are Afoot is amazing – Can’t wait to hear the album”

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One Comment on “Chymera’s album ‘Death By Misadventure’ to be released June 1st, 2012

  1. Novej videotab je super, Fender me1 super zvuk, i když roznzaelej dedky už tim tre1pim svou kytaru dva dny (i když ji mam jen v drop D)btw. sedmička je na Svitu Honzedk nechci nijak rejpat nebo prudit ale na to se těšim ze všeho nejvedc takže jestli čeke1š na 1000 shleddnuted tak si na ten odkaz 1000x kliknu klidně se1m ale myslim že to nebude potřeba.Dedk Woody

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